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Former-astronaut and io9 dreamguy Chris Hadfield is going on a cruise into the Arctic circle. He’s bringing an entire menagerie with him of scientists and entertainers, but now he’s looking for people to embed and report out on the experience. You know where this is going.

Hadfield is taking nominations (including self-nominations, my science-loving friends) of artists of all types — writers, podcasters, video folk, photographers, any medium at all — to embed on his expedition. He’s posted the call on Facebook or Instagram. Go on, let him know the people you want to hear from!


Shameless self-promotion: Yes, I totally want to do this. Yes, I’ve thrown my name in (via Facebook, Twitter, and via a backchannel; I’m not really on Instagram). Yes, I’d appreciate you giving him a poke suggesting me if you use those platforms and you want to hear me squeaking about ice, polar bears (my favourite creatures!!!), innovative scicomm, and chillin’ with astronauts. Even a “Like” works as a demonstration that yes, I do have a built-in audience even while I’m freelancing.

This is also the critical time to encourage diversity. If you know people of colour, women, or other underrepresented groups that do science outreach, now’s the time to give them a nudge to do this. The best way to get more diverse voices reporting out is to have a more diverse applicant pool in the first place.

In completely unrelated news, I have a present for you soon. I’m just waiting on other people to upload things, but my Stargate peeps will find it particularly fun. <3

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