Martian Robots Brace For Close Encounter With Comet Siding Spring

Mars is all set to protect its beloved robots as comet Siding Spring charges past today spewing dust and gas during its close approach to the Red Planet. Meanwhile, everyone from the rovers to Earth-based telescopes will be tracking the comet, learning as much as possible. » 10/19/14 11:00am Yesterday 11:00am

This Eruption Spells Gently Impending Doom For A Hawaiian Suburb

Hawaii is a tropical island of picturesque eruptions. While usually the eruptions are mostly harmless, an offshoot of a new lava flow has been inching towards suburb since June. Now the residents of Puna are settling in to watch the slowly creeping doom. » 10/17/14 9:00pm Friday 9:00pm

It's A Blast To The Prehistoric Past For National Fossil Day

It's National Fossil Day, a day designated to promote awareness of just how awesome fossils are. More importantly, it's a day when every fossil-loving person with a camera shares the treasures they've found, visited, or admired. Here's the best paleo-eye candy that crossed our path. » 10/15/14 10:00pm Wednesday 10:00pm

Use These Interactive Images To Play With Astronomy

Astronomy relies on seeing in many different wavelengths beyond the mere optical visible to our puny human eyes. See for yourself in interactive images of iconic astronomical objects that allow you to seamlessly slip between seeing through different spectral bands. » 10/15/14 3:45pm Wednesday 3:45pm

These Are The 100 Most Interesting Geologic Spots In The British Isles

The United Kingdom and Ireland pack so many geologically fascinating locations in a small area, it's hard to pick which ones are the most gorgeous, the most scientifically important, or even the most downright useful. Lucky for us, the Geological Society curated a list of the Top 100 Geosites. » 10/13/14 2:30pm 10/13/14 2:30pm

The Earth and Mars As Seen From The Moon

The Lunar Reconnoissance Orbiter usually investigates the moon, but in May, the opportunity to photograph both the Earth and Mars in a single shot captured its electronic eye. Here's the story on how the spacecraft pulled of the technical challenge of catching two planets more than 110 million kilometers apart. » 10/12/14 1:00pm 10/12/14 1:00pm

These Mirrors Are Part Of The Biggest Space Telescope

A giant robotic arm practiced hanging silver and gold mirrors on the backbone of the James Webb Space Telescope, then a human engineer carefully checked its work. Eventually, the full telescope will be launched into space, then unfold in a delicate choreography of inverse origami. » 10/11/14 3:00pm 10/11/14 3:00pm

San Francisco Is Harnessing Public Pressure to Increase Seismic Safety

The most important thing a city can do to reduce its earthquake risk is to ensure its buildings meet a strong seismic code. San Francisco is rolling out new safety laws about soft story collapse, but not everyone is complying. In response, they're harnessing public pressure to help with enforcement. » 10/10/14 3:00pm 10/10/14 3:00pm

The Eye of the Sahara Is An Enigmatic Desert Landmark

The desert creates gorgeous structures, and the Eye of the Sahara is no exception. The stunning structure of bare rock peeks out from a sea of sand, forming a beautiful landmark for astronauts overhead. While circular usually means impacts or eruptions, the eye emerged from differential erosion. » 10/09/14 8:00am 10/09/14 8:00am

In Space, Even Changing A Lightbulb Is Awesome

Always-eager astronauts Alexander Gerst and Reid Wiseman completed their first-ever spacewalks today, scrambling around the outside of the International Space Station. They completed their official objectives, but the beautiful part of today was their unadulterated happiness in their work. » 10/07/14 10:15pm 10/07/14 10:15pm

Future Astronauts Might Walk, Not Hop, On The Moon

Why do astronauts hop on the moon? After carefully watching hapless volunteers use a treadmill under variable gravity, researchers think it had more to do with the stiffness of spacesuits than anything else. » 10/06/14 8:00am 10/06/14 8:00am

The Chickensaurus Is Distilled Nightmare-Fuel

We're pretty much settled on birds being dinosaurs, but what would happen if we genetically engineered chickens to be a bit more like the dinosaurs of old? If Twitter's volunteer paleontological illustrators have it right, the chickensaurus would the essence of horror. » 10/05/14 8:00am 10/05/14 8:00am